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K'ylon Haugabook

Detroit Michigan is where I will always call home, but Georgia is where my tutoring career stared. At Fayette County High School, I began tutoring basketball teammates and other classmates in math classes that were essential for on time graduation. After high school, I attended Oglethorpe University and earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Economics in just three years.

Once I was established in my career as a Treasury Analyst, I felt that I was missing something from my life. I realized that my calling is to help others. In 2018, I answered that calling and began tutoring again, but with a focus on Black students, a demographic that is statistically behind in fields such as mathematics and science. Consistently, I heard "You are my first black teacher," which was both motivating and reassuring. This solidified my decision to start Book Bros Tutoring and Wellness. Through Book Bros Tutoring and Wellness, I hope that we are able to help develop our future leaders not only through the mind but the body as well.


Kadeem Haugabook

As a proud native of Detroit, Michigan and strong advocate of education, it has always been my calling to be a servant to people within my community. My passion for tutoring commenced during my time at Morehouse College while serving as a residential advisor. During my time as an RA, various residents in my building were falling behind in their STEM courses. I decided to spend my required front desk hours conducting tutoring sessions for those who requested it. In this particular moment, I realized that tutoring was more than a tool to help students comprehend a subject, but it allowed me to instill confidence and courage in them moving forward.


After completing my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Morehouse College in 2017 and obtaining my Master of Science in Biomechanics from the University of Tennessee in 2019, I began working in project management within the healthcare industry. I was able to establish myself as a sound, young professional but I still felt like I was missing an important element in my life.

In 2020, my brother encouraged me to help him tutor a couple of his students needing help in Physics courses. This is when I realized that tutoring was the element that was missing. I found myself fully invested in tutoring once again and I knew that this would be something that I could attach myself to during the remainder of my time on earth. From there, a decision was made to start Book Bros Tutoring and Wellness. Through our services, we strive to develop and prepare our future leaders through the mind and body as they set forth on their journey in life!


Paul Griffin

After high school in Detroit, Michigan, I attended Grand Rapids Community College where I was a part of the basketball program. As a member of the basketball program, I learned important lessons in both fitness and mental health. I have certifications in Yoga and Mindful Practices as well as an Expert Group Fitness Trainer Rating. Through my vegan journey I have gained a higher appreciation for well balanced diets and it's effects on all facets of our lives.


I have made numerous entrepreneurial journeys but partnering with two of my favorite people in the world, The Book Bros, is my crowning achievement so far. I Iook forward to helping develop our future generations on their life journeys.

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